Software Development Services Raipur India

BIOS Educational Software Development is a campus service organization dedicated to the design, development and deployment of instructional technology in India. BIOS builds collaborations with Educational faculty and external institutions and community groups, and uses tools and expertise developed in more than a decade of technology research to serve University departments as well as the country's schools and Colleges.

Our Software Features:

  • Help meet the University's /College's /School's critical need for effective undergraduate instructional materials by developing advanced, computer-based instructional systems.
  • Educate the faculty and administration in the use of advanced instructional technology.
  • Develop and assess educational technology appropriate for school, college, and university learning.

BIOS is responsible for the development and support of the:

  • Homework System
  • Faculty Assignment
  • Lecture Scheduling
  • Educational Database
  • Accounts Keeping
  • Examination Control
  • Student Notification

Security Software Development in Raipur

ERP Software Development in Raipur